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Exterior Basement Waterproofing in Valparaiso

It doesn't matter if your home has excess water when there are heavy rains or in the spring time when the snow melts or you have large cracks in the foundation, you already know this can be a real issue. We are ready to provide assistance when you've got any kind of basement or crawl space flooding, foundation settlement, or bowed basement wall problem. We use methods and products that we have thoroughly tested over the years that we stand behind. We have a team of experts in the Valparaiso area that are trained to properly evaluate your problem to come up with a specific solution to that problem that will ensure your home is properly protected. When our team implements a basement or crawl space waterproofing system or a repair solution, it is supported by years of industry experience and trusted products.

It is critical that once you find a problem with the crawl space, foundation, or basement that you get in touch with an experienced repair company. We say this because there are a number of additional issues that will arise with these issues including mildew, reduced structural integrity, and even catastrophic foundation damage. If you require our basement waterproofing products to prevent water damage in your home, foundation repair services to prevent your home from sinking, or crawl space services to control water in the crawl space, our experts are here to help you.

Basement Waterproofing

Interior Basement Wall Crack Repair in Valparaiso

The basement is an important area of the home regardless of if it is only being used as storage or have already finished the area. Due to this, it is necessary that the entire area is free of standing water and excess humidity is controlled. Since water can get into your basement using a variety of possible places, there are a number of repair solutions and products that we will use to keep the water under control. The most common places that we see water leaks is at cracks in the walls, whether these are in concrete or at mortar joints between blocks, at the cove joint, which is where the wall and floor meet, and finally at windows that are at or below grade.

No matter where the problem may be, we've got solutions that will collect, divert, and remove water from the basement. If you've got leaky basement cracks, the first thing to do is installing a wall crack repair procedure to control the crack growth and leaking. When water is coming in at the cove or even your windows, installing a custom drainage system will help remove the water from the basement. In some problematic instances, occasionally with older block, brick, or stone foundations, we will recommend installing an entire wall solution that is comprised of a full height heavy duty liner to collect and divert water. If you've already got a waterproofing system installed but it struggles to keep up with the water, we can install a new, upgraded sump pump to make the system as good as new. We aren't just installing systems, we can also help you evaluate the drainage in the yard to assist with preventing water from pooling next to the home and seeping in.

Structural Foundation Repair

Bowed Wall Repair - Carbon Fiber Straps in Valparaiso

The homes foundation is quite possibly one of, if not the, most important areas of the home. It not only supports the home itself but it also forms the basement walls. When you've got foundation problems, normally they will manifest themselves in the form of diagonal cracks in the brickwork, long cracks that run the length of the foundation or across basement walls. You may also notice that the windows or doors will not open or close easily or there may be cracks at the corners of them. There may also be an issue where the basement walls are buckling into the area. While these issues may not seem critical at first, each of them are indicators of a sinking or settling foundation which should be looked at by a professional for problems to determine what type of a repair needs to be in place.

It is good that many foundation problems stem from similar issues and our experts are very good at evaluating these issues. We can implement a repair product designed for your particular issue to permanently repair and stabilize the foundation or walls. If the problem is a settling foundation, we will implement a series of foundation piers to level the foundation. Depending on how bad it is and where it is, we will use either helical piers or push piers. Both are very strong and are able to stabilize your foundation. If you've got bowing basement walls, depending on how the severity of the bowing wall, we have a few possible options. Our team can install a system of wall anchors, these are 2 large steel plates connected by a long, steel rod, or tall braces that are installed directly against the problem area to push them back in line and stop further bowing, or carbon fiber straps to strengthen weak areas and prevent the wall from bowing. If they are correctly installed, these products will repair the bowed wall and prevent it from coming out of alignment again.

Crawl Space Solutions

Crawl Space Repair Solutions in Valparaiso

In our area, many of the homes are built with crawl spaces and not basements. For many years, these were built with vents to the outside where were intended to help air flow into the area and keep it dry. Unfortunately, this is rarely what happens. Having open vents allows water to enter the space when it rains or snows and the vents hinder airflow which results in the humidity level staying too high which can facilitate the growth of mildew. Studies have shown that up to ½ of the air in your home comes up through the crawl space so having the space protected from the outside and keeping the humidity levels low will increase the overall air quality in your home.

Perma-Seal has been dealing with crawl spaces since we opened our doors and we know the best way to close them off and control the humidity. We do this using a process called encapsulation which is the installation of a thick liner or vapor barrier, sometimes accompanied by insulation products, and are strong plastic and vinyl sheets as well as vent covers and a heavy duty door that will seal the area totally and prevent any excess moisture from entering. This will also prevent rodents and animals from getting in the crawl space which will help keep any items there safe and allow you to use it for storage. Once the crawl space is closed off, we will install an air filter and dehumidifier to improve the indoor air quality. It will reduce the excess humidity to a proper level in addition to removing pollutants from the air.

Additional Services

We also offer a variety of services to help upgrade your basement. We can upgrade, replace, or install new basement windows to increase the air flow or provide additional light in the area. During basement waterproofing, we can install a wall system that is waterproof as well as resistant to the growth of mildew. If you are building a new home, our new construction waterproofing solutions can stop any potential future water problems. If you've have a waterproofing system we did not install in place, we can perform our preventive maintenance service so you know it will continue to work at peak efficiency.

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