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Perma-seal Tribe Supports Cal’s Angels’ 12 Days Of Christmas

Perma-Seal Basement Systems has chosen to support Cal’s Angels for their philanthropic efforts this holiday season. Joining forces with David Hochberg of PERL Mortgage, the Perma-Seal Tribe will be supporting several families that have been affected by pediatric cancer.

Cal’s Angels’ 12 Days of Christmas Program was created to relieve the burden of holiday shopping so families can focus on creating lasting memories for their child’s last Christmas. Through the program, the family’s entire holiday is taken care of by providing gifts for each child in the family, a gift card for holiday dinner, as well as a gingerbread house and other goodies. Over the past ten years, Cal’s Angels have helped thousands of children and their families.

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Perma-Seal Receives Top Awards at International Convention

(From left: Joel Spencer, Supply Chain Director, holds awards won at convention alongside Roy Spencer, President and Founder of Perma-Seal.)

DOWNERS GROVE, IL - Perma-Seal Basement Systems was awarded top awards at the recent international Basement Systems’ 3-day convention in Connecticut. The annual convention gathers basement waterproofing and foundation repair dealers from across the United States, Canada and UK. Perma-Seal’s 2015-2016 awards include: #4 Foundation Repair Dealer for CarbonArmor, #6 Crawl Space Dealer for Total Sales, #8 Basement Systems Dealer for Total Sales, and #32 Foundation Repair Dealer for Total Sales.

This year’s theme was INSPIRE 2016, and several members of Perma-Seal’s valued management team left the conference feeling uplifted. There were presentations by John Foley, former Blue Angels Lead Solo Pilot, and Mike Eruzione, Captain of the US 1980 Winter Olympics hockey team that defeated the Russian team. Supply Chain Director Joel Spencer was quite inspired and stated, “Despite overwhelming odds against them, the teamwork and bond between [Mike and also John], and his teammates allowed them to defeat opponents with much greater experience and individual abilities,” Spencer said. “I will think of both any time I hear the word ‘impossible.’”

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Perma-Seal Promotes Tim Dunne to Downers Grove Installation Manager

DOWNERS GROVE, IL - Perma-Seal Basement Systems is pleased to announce the promotion of Tim Dunne to Installation Manager of its Downers Grove location. He was first hired as an admin, worked his way to become Assistant Installation Manager, and now oversees the Downers Grove installation operations. Throughout his time with the company, Mr. Dunne has repeatedly demonstrated his skillful ability to effectively manage people and processes. He places emphasis on Perma-Seal’s initial and continual training procedures.

Mr. Dunne has previous experience in inventory control and management. He is a superb example of what one can learn and achieve at the company. He is also a great example of Perma-Seal’s Core Value: “We support the personal and career growth of our Tribal Members.”

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Perma-Seal Appoints James Barry As Installation Director

DOWNERS GROVE, IL - Perma-Seal Basement Systems has recently named James “Jim” Barry as Installation Director. Mr. Barry began his career as a Preventive Maintenance Technician at the company more than a decade ago, and has held several positions within the installation department, which handles product and system installs from start to finish.

Over the years, Mr. Barry’s strong leadership skills and devotion to Perma-Seal’s Mission, Vision and Core Values have been a positive influence on the company. He continues to serve as a stellar example of the opportunities available within Perma-Seal, which emphasizes recognition of hard work and dedication. He is a great example of Perma-Seal’s Core Values, including “We support the personal and career growth of our Tribal Members”. Perma-Seal is eager to see what new standards of excellence Mr. Barry has in store for the installation department.

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Laura Ann Spencer of Perma-Seal Named 2016 Influential Women Award Finalist

HAMMOND, IN - Laura Ann Spencer, Executive Vice-President of Perma-Seal Basement Systems, has been named an Up and Coming finalist for the 2016 Influential Women of the Year award in the Construction category. The award is presented by Influential Women of Northwest Indiana and winners will be announced at a banquet on September 29, 2016.

Ms. Spencer has consistently been a strong leader and achiever in the business world as well as in the philanthropic community. After nearly a decade of working at Perma-Seal, she has been influential in helping the company hit record sales numbers, open new divisions, and prepare to make a quantum leap forward. She has worn many hats in the company, most notably that of Marketing Manager, where she helped the company become one of the strongest brands in the area. Ms. Spencer has also championed Perma-Seal’s cultural environment. She organized a retreat where the company’s mission and vision statements were articulated and codified for the first time. These identified core values within the organization has moved the company forward to where it is today.

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