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What is That?! – Sewer Backup Prevention

What is That - Sewer Backup Prevention

What is That?!

It’s a double whammy — an Overhead Sewer System AND an Exterior Vault. Otherwise known as a Sewer Backup Prevention System!

The sewer lines in our homes move used water from our tubs, washing machines, dishwashers, toilets, and sinks away from our home. When a line gets backed up, water builds up and can make its way back into the home causing a health hazard and major headaches. This hazardous material is not something you want your family exposed to.

Perma-Seal utilizes two main types of sewer backup prevention systems. These systems are either inside the basement or outside of the home. While each has their own specific application and purpose, the goal of both is the same: prevent sewer backups that are caused by the municipal sewer. When heavy rains occur, older municipal sewer infrastructures may clog and backup. Without a proper backup prevention system, that nasty water may end up in your basement floor drain, laundry tub or shower drain! Here are two solutions to combat sewer line backup:

Interior System

The overhead sewer system is Perma-Seal’s interior sewer backup prevention. These are installed to reroute the main sewer line to put it in a position to help combat potential flooding of the sewer.

Exterior System

The exterior sewer backup prevention system we use is a unique, patented double check valve system installed in an exterior vault. This system provides the maximum protection against sewer backups and can prevent flooding as a result of the municipal systems being overloaded during heavy rains.


Prevention is the key to never having a wet basement due to municipal sewer backup. Schedule an appointment with a Perma-Seal professional today. All of your plumbing components will be thoroughly inspected to make sure we catch any problems, or warning signs of a problem, early on. We can provide repair, replacement, and installation work.

To learn more you can contact us online or by calling, 800-421-SEAL.

Sewer Backup Prevention Diagram