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What Can I Do To Fix My Leaky Crawl Space in Cicero, IL?

Cicero, IL, named after Cicero, NY, is home to the Hawthorne Race Course, Chodl Auditorium, and the Chicagoland Sports Hall of Fame. Being very historic, many residents in Cicero are proud of their town and of their homes. If fact, we get a lot of phone calls from concerned homeowners in this area who wish to know what they can do to fix their wet, damp crawl space that sits unused under their home.

Well it’s just a crawl space, it’s not important right?

Wrong. The homeowners we hear from are smart with their concerns about their wet crawl spaces. Up to 50% of the air we breathe originates from the crawl space or basement level of the home, so if the air down there is damp, musty and full of mold spores, that unhealthy air will naturally make its way up through the rest of your living space. We think that’s reason enough to spend some time down there to resolve any issues that may affect your health.

What’s the Best Solution for Cicero Homeowners?

Most handymen will recommend visiting one of the many home improvement stores in the area to purchase a type of kit or plastic rolls to put down and cover the crawl space floor. However, over the years we have found that these materials and liners only offer a temporary fix and do not do a great job keeping out moisture, soil gases and other unhealthy things that crawl the earth. On the other hand, a professional company will be able to offer you products that will turn your crawl space into a dry, bright, healthy and useable space!

A Perma-Seal Encapsulation System is the best and most permanent solution for your crawl space. We will install waterproof floor and wall liners to seal off this area of the home from the outside environment. These liners will act as a barrier to moisture, soil gases, and even odors. And if there is an active seepage issue, we can install a drainage system and a sump pump to keep the water out. Our encapsulation system will not only help the air quality throughout your whole home, but it can even help your monthly utility bills when we install our Premium Encapsulation System with insulated foam boards as liners on the cold, concrete walls.

If you’re living over a damp, disgusting or dirt crawl space, call us or schedule a free inspection of your home today. Don’t live over that unhealthy crawl space any longer!