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The Value of a Job Well Done

Sales are not always about the price. Customers will spend more if they see the value and believe in the company that they are doing business with. A month ago, Dustin Gebers from Frontier Basement Systems in Clarksville, TN shared a story that is worth repeating.

I went to a customer’s house the other day to follow up with him and his family, check on the job we completed, and to do a video testimonial. A year ago, we proposed a crawl space project to him for $9,643.83, which included Drainage Matting, Sanidry CX, CleanSpace and a SuperSump. The customer’s initial reaction was shock because the price was higher than other companies, but the value built into the system and our company’s reputation changed his mind and we moved forward with the project.

On the first visit to the home I learned he wanted to sell the property but couldn’t because of water. Since the job has been completed the nasty smells are gone, the floors are warmer, and he has even been storing his guitars in the crawl space! The customer is one of the managers of Gibson Guitar in Nashville and has received many custom guitars from years of working there. He was so happy and comfortable with the CleanSpace solution that he has been using it as dry storage for family heirlooms and over $50k in guitars.

He has recommended us to family, friends, coworkers and neighbors. The sale does not stop at the close. I almost don’t like that word because it makes it sound like it is the end of the sale, and the end of the relationship with that client. It is only the beginning of a long relationship of referrals, references and rapport.

With the CleanSpace system installed, the customer is now very content in his home. I am extremely happy this customer has a nice, dry place to store his guitars and family heirlooms. He said in his video testimonial that if he ever moves he is going to build a new house and the CleanSpace Encapsulation System will definitely be put in first!

Dustin Gebers

Thanks for the story, Dustin. This is a perfect example of the old adage: “Customers remember the service a lot longer than they remember the price.”