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Sump Pump Talk

The heart and soul of every waterproofing system is the sump pump. Basically, a sump pump is an appliance that pumps water out away from your home, thereby preventing water build-up and floods.

While a home’s sump pump should ideally be checked everyday, we all know that’s not possible. Instead, try to check if it’s working as it should before any major storm. At the minimum, your sump pump should be check thoroughly at least once a year.

Perma-Seal offers annual sump pump check-up services, wherein the sump pump is removed out of the sump pit, the sump pit gets cleaned out, the sump pump is water tested, the check valves and discharge lines are checked, and the backup pump is tested as well as the batteries that come with it.

Why do you need a battery powered back up pump? In case the main pump fails (or if there’s a power failure), you will have peace of mind knowing that excess water will still be pumped out via the backup pump.

With 35 years experience, Perma-Seal makes sure that the sump pumps they install do what it’s supposed to do by testing all its pumps with the help of an independent laboratory.

Perma-Seal also ensures that the pumps they install – main and back-up – are adequate for the size of the room or basement it is installed in.

When it comes to sump pumps, call Perma-Seal for the proven solution.