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Should I Get My Sump Pump Replaced in my Des Plaines, IL Home?

Des Plaines, IL is the “City of Destiny,” at least that’s the officially adopted nickname. A suburb of Chicago with a population of 58,364, Des Plaines is the home of the first franchised McDonald’s and the place where the majority of “The Breakfast Club” was shot. For many homeowners though, one downfall to living in Des Plaines and other surrounding cities like Park Ridge and Arlington Heights, is having to worry about the flooding of the Des Plaines river every time it rains hard!

If you live in Des Plaines or another city that is prone to flooding, it is crucial to have a working sump pump to protect your basement or crawl space from the next big rainstorm. The sump pump is the heart of your waterproofing system, and without that, you can expect water to make its way right into your basement. So do you know what condition your pump is in? When was the last time you had it inspected? Or was it there when you bought the house several years ago?

If you’re not sure, it’s time to have your pump inspected or replaced!

A professional waterproofing company can come inspect your pump and advise you of its condition and whether or not that old pump needs to be replaced.

Here are some of the telltale warning signs that indicate that it’s time to get a replacement sump pump:

  • Sump pump is making odd noises
  • After the pump runs water seems to be running back into the pit
  • Sump isn’t activating at all
  • Water level is at the top of the sump pump pit
  • Pump is continuously running
  • Sump pump doesn’t work when the power goes out – you NEED a backup pump!

It’s a fact, all sump pumps will fail eventually, so if you have been in your home for years and haven’t replaced the pump, now may be the perfect time to do so and avoid a costly mess in your basement. We have a variety of primary sump pumps to best suit your needs and we also offer several different battery backup sump pump systems. Whether the power goes out, the primary pump fails or there is too much water for the primary pump to handle, a battery backup system will protect and maintain your dry, healthy basement.