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Sewer Backup Prevention in Joliet, IL

When Joliet, IL was built along the Des Plaines River, little did the city know how having several waterways run through the city could be a problem in the future, especially when it seeps into sewers. Considered as Illinois’ fastest growing city, many Joliet residents can experience backed up sewers due to grease buildup or debris blockage that can be a very unpleasant experience.  Having a backed up sewer means water that’s meant for the sewers are blocked and flows back up to the nearest outlet, overflowing onto your basement floor. This is a very messy and foul-smelling affair that needs to be addressed immediately.

Aside from the mess you’d expect, backed up sewers can damage your home’s floors, walls, and even leach through to other rooms. It can cause moisture damage on wooden posts, damage to appliances, and can cause mold, mildew and fungi to grow. Though not many consider these things anything that could happen to them, backed up sewers can mean a lot of trouble and headaches for Joliet homeowners if the problem isn’t taken care of quickly.

Solutions to a Backed Up Sewer 

If you have a backed up sewer, the first thing to do is shut off water appliances that are turned on one by one. This is to determine which appliance is responsible. But whether the backup stops or continues, a call to a professional is still needed.  

Perma-Seal professionals can help locate the source of the backup and repair or unclog it. They can also help you install a backwater valve or check valve to prevent future sewer backups. 

Benefits to Joliet Homeowners 

A sewer that’s free form blockage means a sewer that’s free from getting backed up. This, in turn, means a much drier basement and a much more worry-free home. To find out if you have the proper valves in place, or if your pipes are in danger of backing up, call a Perma-Seal professional today.