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Sewer Backup Prevention

Ever experienced large amounts of standing water in your basement?  Do you know where the water is coming from and how so much of it ended up in your home? If you noticed that the water came up through any plumbing fixtures in the basement or you have standing water over any floor drains, you are unfortunately experiencing municipal sewer backup.

It is very common during heavy rainstorms for municipal sanitary sewers to become overloaded with a higher volume of water than they can handle.  And because most sewer systems are gravity fed, the result is excess water and sewage pushing back through your sewer line towards your home and into your basement and other low lying drains.  Large amounts of sewage-contaminated water could be pushed through toilets, showers or floor drains.  This will create a potentially dangerous and unhealthy environment in your home.

If you do experience large amounts of sewer backup into your basement, the first and most important thing to remember is DO NOT WALK IN or TOUCH any of the standing water! There is a risk of electrocution, so the power must be turned off first.

You no longer have to live with the fear of your sewers filling your basement with water and unhealthy waste.  You can protect your family and your home from mess created by municipal sewer backup.  A new Sewer Backup Prevention System is the answer.

Perma-Seal has developed a Sewer Backup Prevention System that consists of a double, or triple, valve system that gives you the ultimate protection.  It also comes with Perma-Seal’s lifetime warranty. Our premier system is installed underground in front of your house so you won’t even know it’s there.  When the sewer becomes overloaded and pushes water back towards your house, the check valves automatically close and keeps the sewage and water out of your basement.  One of the advantages of Perma-Seal’s system is that you can even use your household plumbing when the sewers are full and already backing up.

To schedule a free estimate and find out if a sewer backup prevention system is right for you, contact Perma-Seal Basement Systems at 800-241-SEAL or fill out the convenient request form at  Don’t panic next time the storms come rolling in!