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Seal Your Wet Basement in Aurora, IL

Dubbed ‘The City of Lights,’ Aurora was one of the first cities in America to use an all-electric lighting system. It is also one of the fastest growing cities, and the last 50 years has seen Aurora grow from a mid-sized manufacturing city to become the 19th largest city in the Midwest. This growth, however, does not stop the annual precipitation of 40 inches which can cause basement flooding in some areas. Sometimes, nature wins.  

Though we can’t do anything about nature, we can do something about its effects. Aurora experiences heavy rains, heavy snowfalls and blizzards periodically, which can cause moisture problems and flooding of basements. This, in turn, can cause damage to our belongings stored here, rot wooden posts, destroy our foundation, and even cause health issues with the growth of mold and mildew.  

But instead of waiting for floods to subside, why don’t we just seal our basements to prevent any moisture problems from occurring? 

Solutions to a Wet Basement 

The best solution to a wet basement is to keep it dry. By sealing your basement, you won’t have to deal with flooded basements anymore.   Using vapor barriers can be enough, though there may be cases where more is needed, which is why you need to call a Perma-Seal professional to ensure your basement is fully protected form the elements.  

Whether is needs a vapor barrier or resealing of cracks, etc., a professional can make sure your basement stays dry – always.  

Benefits to Aurora Homeowners 

A dry basement means a lot of things. It means no more headaches from dealing with floods, no more health risks, no more rotting of wooden posts, no more damage to belongings, and no more degradation of your foundation.  

In short, you will get peace of mind.