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Reasons Why You Need to Have Basement Waterproofing to Prevent Leaks in Elk Grove Village

Elk Grove Village – a municipality in Illinois with a population of 33,127, as the name suggests, it is home to a herd of elk in a grove at Busse Woods. It is also home to Alexian Brothers Medical Center (ABMC), CitiGroup, Pepsi Cola Distribution and the headquarters of United Airlines.  

Unfortunately, Elk Grove Village is also home to many waterlogged basements. Despite being composed of just 0.07 square miles of water, many basements in the area suffer from basement moisture issues due to high water tables, damaged pipes, and weather conditions.  

This is a problem because a wet basement can cause a host of various issues, such as rot in wooden posts, weakening of the foundation, damage to appliances and electronics, and health issues due to mold, mildew and bacteria growth.  

Elk Grove Village residents whose homes suffer from wet basement syndrome should call a Perma-Seal professional immediately. Aside from being an eyesore, a wet basement and its slew of issues caused can be a stress-inducer. By having a Perma-Seal professional to assess the situation, you can be sure that the cause of your wet basement is located and addressed, and made waterproof to ensure your basement doesn’t get wet even if rains are not present.  

Waterproofing a basement can entail having a drain installed, cracks in the walls and floors sealed, damaged pipes repaired, rain gutters extended, and more. It really depends on what is causing your basement to have moisture issues, and a Perma-Seal professional can make sure these causes are fixed.  

A dry basement will give you a stress-free home and ensure that its structural integrity is sound. And perhaps most importantly, a dry basement will keep your family safe from airborne health risks brought about by mold, fungi, and mildew. These reasons alone make waterproofing your basement all worth it.