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Perma-Seal Donation Provides Storage Solution for DuPagePads

Last June, Perma-Seal began a basement waterproofing project at DuPagePads’ Employment and Education building at 705 West Liberty in Wheaton, IL. The project was completed by September 2014. It was a big job which involved sealing off the basement area so that it wouldn’t allow seepage inside. The basement of the building is used to store diapers, hygiene products, pads for sleeping, clothing, and more – all items which must be kept dry so that participants in their program can live healthy, safe lives.

DuPagePads’ mission is to end homelessness in DuPage County. They provide interim (overnight) housing and permanent supportive housing plans.

The Employment and Education building also has office space for staff members and houses a newly renovated computer lab, all things which must be kept free of moisture and the damage that it can do. Carol Simler, CEO and President of DuPagePads said,”As you can imagine, the benefits of Perma-Seal’s assistance with this very necessary capital project has gone a long way to improve the services we provide. On behalf of all DuPagePads staff, participants, and visitors, we are truly grateful for Perma-Seal’s solution.”