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Lombard – Why a Drain Tile System May Be Necessary in Your Basement

Lombard, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago with a population of about 43,000, and it is known for its annual Lilac Festival. The festival happens every May with many lilac-themed events, such as concerts, brunches, arts and crafts fairs, and more.

But while Lombard celebrates its fairs above ground, many things can happen below ground that can ruin your celebration. Basements in the area are prone to getting wet and flooded. This is why having a drain tile in your basement is necessary.

A drain tile is place where water may accumulate, such as in your basement. The purpose of the drain tile is to collect water from the ground as it starts to rise. This helps to prevent serious basement flooding. The drainage system features PVC piping with holes designed to collect water. The water is collected and directed to a sump pump where it’s sent out and away from the home to a safe distance away so that it doesn’t pool up next to the foundation again.

The thing with excess dampness and floods is, it can cause many more serious issues if left unattended. These include rot in wooden posts, damage to electronics, weakening of the foundation, and even health risks brought about by mold growth.

As such, having a drainage system to prevent these issues is very important. And a drain tile is a key part of your drainage system that should always be present and in good condition.

If you experience water problems in your basement, you might have a problem with your drainage system, or you might lack a proper drain tile. If so, call Perma-Seal and have them check your basement to determine what’s the best way to control the excess water that accumulates there.