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Adjacent to Chicago, Elk Grove Village is a municipality in Illinois that is known for the herd of elk kept in a grove at the Busse Woods (hence its name). Home to the largest industrial park in the US, Elk Grove Village shares the same weather conditions of its more famous neighbor, Chicago. That is, having wet and freezing winters, hot summers, and thunderstorms common in spring and summer.

This kind of weather can result in basement moisture issues, especially in between seasons. Though the weather is just one cause for basement floods, homeowners should also be wary of damaged pipes, faulty rain gutters, rising water tables, and backed up sewers. All these can cause leaks and floods in basements, and all these require professional help.

The best way to protect your home from leaky and flooded basements is to call professional basement waterproofers. Perma-Seal can help keep your basement safe from leaks and moisture by assessing your basement, and figuring out what it needs to keep it dry.

Basement waterproofing can entail just installing a vapor barrier, or can be more comprehensive that includes installing sump pumps, drains, fixing damaged pipes and rain gutters, and more.

A waterproofed basement doesn’t just mean you won’t have to deal with floods anymore, but it can also prevent the effects of moisture issues that range from damaged electronics and appliances, to rot in wooden posts and weakened foundations. Aside form the structural damages, a waterproofed basement will also help in the prevention of mold growth, which can cause health issues for you and your family.

Whether you are suffering from flooded basements, irked by leaks, or are planning to build a basement for the first time, call a Perma-Seal basement waterproofer today to ensure your basement, home, and family are kept healthy and safe.