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Joliet Sewer Rodding

A city in Illinois that lies just 40 miles southwest of Chicago, Joliet is the state’s fastest growing city with a population of about 148,000.

Because of its proximity to the Windy City, it’s not hard to imagine that the climates for both cities are similar – that is, winters can be harsh, while thunderstorms are common during spring and summer. This can cause many basements to flood when the weather starts to get wet.

However, not all basement floods are caused by the weather. Sometimes, a backed up sewer can be the culprit, as well. Sewers back up when the pipes overflow, either due to an abundance of water or if something is blocking it. You will know when there is blockage if water starts to appear even in the driest of weather.

To unclog the blockage, you would need a professional to rod it out. Perma-Seal offers mainline sewer camera inspection and rodding to help you find the blockage and remove it without excavating your whole yard.

If you need your sewer line unclogged, without having any major excavations done, call Perma-Seal. Not only will they help you located the blockage without excavating; they can also unclog it with just minimal excavation (if at all).