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How is Water Getting Into my Arlington Heights, IL Basement?

Arlington Heights, a beautiful suburb nestled on the outskirts of Chicago, IL, is well known for the Arlington Park Race Track and is the Arlington Million – a Breeder’s Cup qualifying event. But no matter how nice an area is, home problems like wet basements still arise. And Arlington Heights is no exception. Due to it’s location geographically and it’s proximity to the Des Plaines River, many homeowners often experience seepage or even municipal sewer backup during heavy rainstorms. And when you experience these kinds of issues in your home, no doubt you wonder how that water got there in the first place!

Here are a some of the ways water can make it’s way into your basement:

  • Old, leaky basement windows
  • Window wells fill with water because of clogged or no drains
  • Wall cracks in foundation leak
  • Seepage from floor cracks or cove joint (where the wall and floor meet)
  • Comes in over the top of the foundation
  • Sump pump has failed
  • Overloaded sewers during heavy rainstorms push sewage water into your basement through floor drains and other plumbing fixtures

There are many ways water can sneak its way into your Arlington Heights basement or crawl space. So, what can you do as a homeowner to protect your property and make sure that seepage doesn’t occur? Simple. You can contact a reputable waterproofing company, like Perma-Seal, who can provide you with a FREE, professional inspection of your foundation, inside and out, and help educate you on the permanent way we can fix the problem.

Why Perma-Seal is the best solution for your basement!

Perma-Seal offers the best value in the industry when it comes to the installation of sump pumps, interior and exterior drain tile systems, underground downspout extensions, waterproof basement finishing products, sewer backup systems and much more. Regardless of how this moisture is getting into your home, we will be able to pinpoint the cause and put a stop to it for good. We also offer lifetime, transferable warranties on most of our waterproofing products. And when your basement no longer leaks, you won’t have to worry about the growth of mold or bacteria, breathe unhealthy air throughout your home or have to run down there panicked every time it rains.