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How Foundation Piering Can Save Your Elk Grove Village Home From Collapsing

Located in Illinois, Elk Grove Village is a municipality that’s home to a herd of elk in a grove at the edge of the Busse Woods forest preserve. Aside from the origins of its name, Elk Grove Village is also home to the biggest industrial park in the US, with over 3,600 businesses in a 5.4 square mile park.  

Beautiful and picturesque, Elk Grove Village is an ideal place to live in. However, not all is perfect if the soil under your home is causing it to sink in places.  

If you notice foundation settlement, or if the chimney of your home is not flush, your home might be standing on expansive, subsiding, hydro-compactable, or active soil. Technicalities aside, what this means is the ground your home is sitting on cannot support its weight.  

Solutions to Problems With Soil Around a Foundation 

If your home is classified as sitting on hydro-compactable soil, the best way to deal with this is through foundation piercing. In a nutshell, foundation piercing is when heavy-duty, industrial strength steel piers driven down to solid bedrock so that the weight of you home is anchored to much more stable ground.  

There are several ways to do this, though a Perma-Seal professional is needed to determine which is best for your home. By calling a Perma-Seal professional, you will find out exactly what your home needs and the best way to fix it.  

Benefits to Elk Grove Village Homeowners 

Your home is only as stable as the ground it is sitting on. A shaky foundation can spell disaster, so if you suspect your home might be sinking, call a Perma-Seal professional today and ensure that your home is sturdy and safe. You gain peace of mind knowing that you and your family are safe. That alone is worth all the work.