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Highland Park Sewer Camera Inspection

One of several municipalities located on the North Shore of the Chicago metropolitan area, Highland Park in Illinois lies just 23 miles north of downtown Chicago. With a population of nearly 30,000, it was founded in 1869 and today, is known for several of its landmark structures by prominent architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright, David Adler, and Howard Van Doren Shaw.

Whether your home is national treasure or not, it has a sewer line that you might not even know is there. Helping transport waste from your home to the septic field, it does its job silently and without really being noticed.

Sewer lines go unnoticed most of the time, except when something goes wrong. When sewage starts backing up into your home, you know something is wrong with the sewer line. Whether something is blocking the line, or it is damaged, or maybe a tree’s roots has taken hold somewhere along its path, to properly diagnose the problem, you’d need the help of a professional.

Perma-Seal and its Mainline Sewer Camera Inspection and Rodding can help pinpoint the source of the problem and fix it. Without the need to dig up your lawn, trained technicians use a camera to inspect the sewer line to find out exactly what is causing it to back up as well as diagnose the condition of your sewer line.

A backed up sewer line does not always mean your entire front yard needs to be excavated right away. Sometimes all it takes is a little sewer camera inspection and some rodding work to get the job done.

If your sewer line has backed up, call Perma-Seal today to have it inspected the less damaging way. Your front yard will thank you for it.