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Highland Park Cracked Foundation

About 23 miles north of Chicago, Highland Park is a suburban municipality in Illinois with a population of about 30,000. Founded in 1869, the municipality is known for its landmark architectural structures, including ones by prominent architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright, David Adler, and Howard Can Doren Shaw, among others.

Residents of Highland Park may not all live in homes designed by famed architects, and even if they do, there is one issue that unites them all – cracked foundations.

Cracked foundations can be caused by a variety of reasons, from hydrostatic pressure to settling. Erosion due to floods can also be a culprit. But no matter what causes it, the fact remains, if you find cracks on your foundation, you should take notice and get them fixed immediately.

Remember, that not all cracks are the same. Small cracks might indicate movement in the foundation, but might not be cause for concern. However, if the cracks are a quarter-inch or more in size, you might want to start calling in a professional. DIY work in these cases is strongly discouraged.

Perma-Seal offers free estimates by certified foundation consultants, and if you call them in, they can assess correctly what the cracks on your foundation mean. These professionals will also know how to properly repair the damage without causing more harm.

If cracks on your foundation is causing you sleepless nights, gain some peace of mind by calling Perma-Seal. Leave it to the professionals to tell you whether the cracks are serious, and always leave the repairs (if needed) to them.