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Hear it From Lou! Foundation Problems

Hear it From Lou!


Without a strong foundation your home is crap.

By Lou Manfredini

I’m kidding, but actually its true. Unless your home is sitting on a solid foundation then all the drywall, paint, granite or wood floors you add will not look or perform correctly. If you have noticed the doors are sticking, the windows look a little out of whack or there are cracks you just cannot repair on your walls. You may need some professional help. Perma-Seal has the know-how to fix these problems once and for all.

One technique is installing push piers that actually anchor to the bottom of the footing of your foundation and the walls can be lifted to the correct level in the ground. The piers are forced into the earth until they hit bedrock and then under precise calibration your foundation can be lifted and permanently supported. I’ve seen this process and it is amazing. The project I was at had a huge diagonal crack in the brickwork and as the foundation was raised it all went back together perfectly.

If you have floors that are sagging, those can be corrected using floor or house jacks. These strong metal posts can be placed under support beams in the basement and then used to lift the floor back to the proper level. These are just two ways to correct foundation issues in your home. The fact remains that without these types of repairs, you will have more problems that will only continue and frankly this has a direct effect on the overall value of your home. While it may not be as sexy as new cabinets or a new bathroom, I promise this investment will pay off when the time comes to sell your home.

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