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Fixing Your Basement In Winter

During the cold, Chicago winter, most people don’t consider beginning a  major project like basement waterproofing. Unless there is a large rain or snowmelt, your basement probably stays dry in the winter months. But did you know that this is the best time of the year to have your basement waterproofed?

Why you should waterproof your basement in winter

Stop flooding before it starts

The best way to keep your basement dry is to fix your seepage problem before it starts. Generally, the winter and the frozen ground can lead to less water leaks or seepage in your basement or crawl space, so get your basement waterproofed before those spring rains arrive and lead to more water leaks and frustration in your basement.

More scheduling flexibility

When there is a heavy rainstorm, basement waterproofing companies are flooded by thousands of calls from panicked homeowners who found a new water problem in their basement or crawl space. This could lead to several weeks or months of waiting to find a solution to your problem. But, during the winters, these companies are generally less busy and can schedule and appointment to come out to your home much quicker than other seasons of the year.

Perma-Seal can offer permanent solutions now

Perma-Seal crews work across all of Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana year round and can even permanently solve your leaky basement or foundation problems in the middle of winter. Call now to schedule an appointment for a prompt, free inspection of your basement and foundation, and we can provide to you permanent solutions for your peace of mind when the next big rainstorm hits.

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