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Elk Grove Village Sinking Foundations

Adjacent to Chicago, Elk Grove Village is a municipality in Illinois with a population of about 34,000. Its name comes from the herd of elk that lives in a grove in Busse Woods. It is also the site of the largest industrial park in the country with over 3,600 businesses located there.

The climate in the area is characterized by harsh winters and thunderstorms are common in spring and summer, making precipitation an all-year thing. This results in many basements and foundations getting wet.

While a wet or flooded foundation can cause many other issues such as cracks in the walls and mold growth, one of the things many homeowners dread to experience are sinking foundations.

When foundations sink, it can cause panic since homes are dependent on these, so when you feel your foundations are sinking, be sure to call in a professional to help. There are many reasons why foundations settle, from the landscaping that’s done, the soil used, the construction itself, and even the drainage. While these are factors that can be controlled, the weather, unfortunately, cannot.

Perma-Seal are experts in making sure your foundation stays safe, especially form moisture-related issues. To protect your home and foundation from sinking, call Perma-Seal and ask for a free estimate by certified foundation consultants today.