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Elk Grove Village Basement Wall Crack Repair

A municipality located adjacent to the city of Chicago, Elk Grove Village is known for the herd of elk living in a grove in Busse Woods.

Sitting adjacent to the Windy City, it comes as no surprise that Elk Grove Village shares its climate –hot summers, cold winters, with thunderstorms common in spring and summer. These weather patterns can wreak havoc in any basement, making it wet, damp, and even flooded, unless it has been properly waterproofed.

One of the things that can cause wet basement are leaks from wall cracks. Small cracks can be sources of leaks, while wider ones (measuring more than ⅛”) can also be signs of serious structural foundation damage.

Fixing a basement wall crack is not as easy as filling it up with concrete. Leaks will just be diverted and can cause new leaks if the pressure is too much.

If you find cracks in your basement wall, make sure it gets repaired properly by calling in the experts from Perma-Seal. One of the finest basement waterproofing contractors in the area, Perma-Seal professionals will ensure that the cracks in your basement wall are repaired properly ensuring that the leaks won’t come back, and that whatever structural integrity issues you have are fixed right away.

Call Perma-Seal today and get a free estimate from one of their certified foundation consultants. A sturdy, dry, and healthy home is worth it after all.