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Elgin IL Residents Ask: How is Water Getting Into My Basement?

A city in Cook and Kane counties in Illinois, Elgin is the eighth largest city in the state with a population of 109,297. Lying along the Fox River, it isn’t hard to imagine that many residents have to deal with flooded basements and crawl spaces during the wet seasons of the year – which begs the question, “how is water getting into my basement?” 

Water may be getting into your basement via different avenues. It can come from the water table rising up and seeping through the floor, or it can be caused by rain water coming from your home’s rain gutter spouts. It can be caused by the grade of your yard not sloping away from your home, or by cracks in the walls or non-sealed windows.  

There are a variety of reasons as to why water is getting into your basement, and if you can’t figure out the cause yourself, a call to a Permas-Seal professional may help.  

Solutions to Water in the Basement 

Depending on the cause, solutions can be varied. But the most common fixes to keep water from your basement are: 

  • Making sure the grade of the ground around your home slopes away from the basement
  • Cleaning, repairing, and extending rain gutters further away from your home
  • Replacing the seals on your basement windows and repairing cracks in the walls and floors
  • Installing a sump pump, as well as a battery powered back up pump in case of power failure 

There are more, but the above are the most common solutions that basement waterproofing professionals can help you with.

Benefits to Elgin Homeowners 

The benefits of keeping water out your basement range from health benefits to improving the foundation. Water in the basement not only is a health hazard, what with fungi, mold and mildew growth, but it can also compromise the structural integrity of your home by deteriorating the foundation.  

Keep you and your family safe – keep your basement dry. Call a Perm-Seal professional today.