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Martini Billboard

Last month, Perma-Seal and our advertising agency, the FORT Group, were invited to attend the 2012 Ad Club Awards Ceremony in New Jersey after being nominated for our recent outdoor billboard campaign. Throughout the evening, a select group of agencies

Crawl Space Billboard

were recognized for work created in the 2011 calendar year. It was quite an impressive array of creative samples, proving that in today’s ever-changing marketplace, you have to be willing to think outside the box to cut through the clutter.

1st place in the “Out of Home Advertising” category AND “Best Of” the “Out of Home Advertising” category

While creating this billboard campaign, we were looking for new ways to capture people’s attention with a clean and simple message.  And through many revisions and brainstorm sessions, we landed on some great new ideas like “I like my martini dry – just like my basement” and “Breathing Unhealthy Air? Check your crawl space.”  We have received a lot of amazing feedback from these billboards since they were displayed all throughout Chicagoland almost a year ago, but the Award Ceremony recognized us on a national level.  We were presented with 1st place in the “Out of Home Advertising” category AND “Best Of” the “Out of Home Advertising” category!  We were honored to receive these awards and excited to bring them home to share with the rest of the Perma-Seal Tribe!