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Basement Drains in Lake Forest, IL

Located along the shore of Lake Michigan, Lake Forest is a city in Lake County, Illinois with a population of 19, 375 and is part of the Chicago metropolitan area. With its placement by the river, many residents who are plagued with flooded basements often blame it on the river. However, there are many causes of basement flooding that don’t necessarily involve any body of water.  

Flooded basements can be cause by the weather, broken plumbing lines, or even the water table pushing water up. It can be a combination of those, too. No one likes to deal with a flooded basement, because it also causes a range of problems for the homeowner. It can damage your belongings, cause wood rot, foster mildew and fungi growth, and can even cause premature deterioration of the foundation. 

Solutions for Basement Flooding 

To help control basement floods, Perma-Seal can install basement drains. There are exterior drainage systems, but sometimes these are not the answer – especially if the problem with basement moisture is coming from faulty pipes or the water table. One of the best ways to control water in the basement is through an interior water drainage system when water is getting in this way.

By installing basement drains, you can catch the water from the walls and prevent it from reaching the center. Usually, intercepting water at the most common entry point, the floor/wall joint, is the best solution to this kind of problem.  

Have your basement checked to find out what the most effective and efficient basement drain will be for your home. Call a Perma-Seal professional today.  

Benefits to Lake Forest Homeowners 

A dry basement means less headaches and problems. You not only protect you home from damage, but even your personal belongings and your family’s health. These reasons alone justify the costs of having a basement drain installed.