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4 Reasons the PermaDry is the Best Dehumidifier for Your Home

Your basement or crawl space may seem like a small part of your home, but they have a big impact on your whole house. So if you have high humidity, musty odors and mold growth downstairs, it affects the health and comfort of your upstairs environment, too. Perma-Seal's PermaDry DehumidifierTM dries and filters the air in your basement or crawl space so your whole home becomes drier, more comfortable and healthier. What makes the PermaDryTM the best dehumidiifer on the market?

  1. PermaDryTM is high-performance and super efficient. To keep your home dry and comfortable year round, your dehumidifier needs to have high capacity and high air flow. PermaDryTM removes a whopping 95 pints of water from your air per day, and moves 300 cubic feet of dry air per minute around your basement or crawl space! To boot, it's the most efficient dehumidifier in the world without a heat exchange core, which means you save on electricity while keeping your home healthy!
  2. Mold and dust don't stand a chance. PermaDryTM has an automatic humidity sensor that keeps the Relative Humidity of your space below 55% - that means mold, mildew, and dust mites don't have the damp environment they need to survive. The MERV 8 carbon filter catches mold spores, dust mite droppings (the #1 indoor allergen!) and other nasty particulates to keep your family breathing clean, healthy air in your entire home.
  3. Good things come in small (but mighty) packages. Because PermaDryTM doesn't have a big and bulky heat exchange core like other dehumidifiers, it's small enough to fit easily inside your crawl space, or take up little room in your basement. It's also lightweight with convenient carrying handles. Another space saving plus: PermaDryTM is fully ductable, which means it doesn't need to be located in the space you're drying.
  4. With automatic settings, you can turn it on and forget it even exists. PermaDryTM features a simple automatic digital LCD control panel that anyone can use. The automatic humidity sensor keeps your space at 55% Relative Humidity, for dry healthy air in every season. Best of all - your PermaDryTM has automatic drainage. That means that while it's removing up to 95 pints of moisture from your basement or crawl space every day, you'll never have to empty a heavy bucket!

PermaDryTM is a low-maintenance, super-efficient dehumidifier that will make a big difference in the comfort and health of your home. Get a free estimate today! 
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