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Tips for Protecting Your Richton Park, IL Basement From Water Seepage During Power Outages

A village in Cook County, Illinois, with a population of just 13,646, Richton Park may seem like a quaint place to live in, and it is. However, just like any place in the world, power outages can occur (especially in small villages, as opposed to big cities). If a power outage does occur, how do you protect your basement from water seepage?

In normal circumstances, there are numerous ways to protect your basement from water seepage – from the standard sump pump to home water alarms. However, when a power outage occurs, those electrically powered devices won’t mean a thing.

Solutions to Prevent Basement Seepage

Preparation is key. If you rely on your electronic systems, a power generator is needed. If a power generator is out of your budget, at least invest in a battery operated backup sump pump from Perma-Seal.

Aside from the backup sump pump, you could put a drain system in the basement where water can flow out in case of flooding. Additionally, in the area where your sump pump is, Perma-Seal can make the hole deeper so it can hold more water before it floods out onto the floor.

It is important to note that weather is not the only cause of water problems, so make sure your plumbing is up to spec as well. Ensure that your pipes are not prone to leaks or bursts.

Keeping rain gutters clean can also prevent basement water problems. You can also have downspout extensions installed.

Finally, have Perma-Seal install a check valve for the backup sewer. Flooding can cause sewer lines to back up, which can lead back into your home – and you don’t want that.  

Benefits to Richton Park Homeowners

By being prepared and practicing preventive measures, you can prevent structural damage to your basement. Furthermore, you minimize the risk of disease to you and your family members by making sure molds and fungus are not given a chance to grow. Perhaps most importantly, you gain peace of mind, sparing you from the stress of worrying when a power outage does happen.

If you need help in your preparations and preventive measures, be sure to consult one of our professionals at Perma-Seal.