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Is it Normal for an Arlington Heights, IL Home to Settle or Sink?

Arlington Heights is part of Cook County with a population of more than 75,000. Known for Arlington Race Track and the Arlington Heights Memorial Library, this super village has a lot to offer its residents and visitors. However, with the recent development boom in Arlington Heights, many residents ask, “is it normal for a home to settle or sink?”

You might feel a tinge of panic if your home starts to sink, and joints and floorboards begin to creak along with other mysterious sounds, but give it enough time, all houses will settle. While perfectly normal, unless the home is built to account for settling, this can cause serious problems.

Be sure to check your home for major cracks in the foundation and walls. Even if the foundation of a home seems okay at first glance, sometimes settling can be caused by the deterioration of the building materials. If you do see cracks, this does not necessarily mean your house is settling, but can be a result of seasonal pressures or changes. For homes built with timber, try to notice if the walls start to bow from pressure.

If you suspect your home starting to settle, it’s best to contact a professional from Perma-Seal.

Solutions to a Settling Home

Unfortunately, a settling house can’t be fixed by yourself. By contacting a professional from Perma-Seal, solutions will differ depending whether the settling is caused by the foundation, or from the materials used in building the home.

If the foundation is at fault, foundation repair needs to be done immediately. Excavations will be made around the footing of the house and heavy-duty screws will be used to raise the house. These will act as extra support. Additionally, foundation walls can be anchored and gently pulled.

If materials are deteriorating, these will have to be replaced. If repairs are not possible, a settling home might have to undergo extensive renovation.

Benefits to the Arlington Heights Homeowner

A sinking home is never a good thing. By having a Perma-Seal professional look at it, you ensure the continued structural integrity of your home. Nobody likes a crumbling, sinking home with a weak foundations.

If you address your home’s settling, you prolong its life for years to come!