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Want to Add a Concrete Floor to Your Berwyn, IL Home’s Crawl Space? Think again!

With a city population of 56,657, Berwyn, IL won’t be mistaken as the nearby super city of Chicago. Located in Cook County, Berwyn is co-existent with Berwyn Township and is noted as having the most significant collection of Chicago-style bungalows in the country. All those bungalows mean a lot of crawl spaces. If you are thinking about adding a concrete floor to your crawl space, you’d better think again.

Don’t get us wrong, a concrete floor in your crawl space can be a good idea, especially if rats are a problem, but there are disadvantages as well. Before you jump into adding concrete, think everything through and weigh the pros and cons. If you can live with the cons, then go ahead and put a concrete slab in your crawl space. But remember to ask for advice from a Perma-Seal professional first.

Concrete Floor in Crawl Space Solutions

A concrete floor may prevent rats from entering your home through the crawl space. In fact, it is called a ‘rat slab’ in contractor parlance. However, when rats are no longer a problem, you might trigger another problem in the form of issues with water pressure and moisture.

Concrete can crack, and water pressure can do that to your concrete slab. Once water gets through the cracks, it won’t easily be absorbed by the ground (since it’s now covered in concrete) and this will make your crawl space a breeding ground for mold and fungus. Mold and fungus spread easily, and can cause your foundations to decay and crumble – not to mention the health risks of having a higher than normal mold levels.

However, with the help of a professional, you can waterproof your crawl space to prevent moisture related problems from happening. This includes adding a sump pump, a backup sump pump, vapor barriers, floor liners, new drainage pipes, and what-not.

Benefits to Berwyn Homeowners

The benefits vary, of course. Leaving your crawl space as is has its own pros and cons, while adding a concrete floor has its own benefits and disadvantages. It all boils down to what you want to deal with in the future.

If you need help deciding, feel free to consult with a Perma-Seal professional today.