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How Sump Pumps Can Prevent a Basement Flood in Your Lake Forest Home

Along the shore of Lake Michigan, part of the Chicago metropolitan area, sits Lake Forest. A city in Lake County, Illinois, it has been named a Tree City USA due to its commitment to its community forest. However, there are days when even the profusion of trees can’t soak up all the water from precipitation, and basements end up getting flooded.  

Granted, precipitation is not the only reason for basement flooding, broken pipes and a rising water table are also culprits. The fact of the matter is, many Lake County basements experience some sort of flooding, which can be a pain.   This is why a majority of homes with basements and crawl spaces in Lake County have sump pumps installed. Basically, a sump pump sucks out water from your basement and pumps it away the house. But what happens if it fails? 

Solutions to Sump Pump Failure 

A sump pump that fails means your basement will get flooded again, so a call to a Perma-Seal professional is needed. A professional can repair your sump pump and make it as good as new. But that’s only if it fails while the weather is clear. What if it fails in the middle of a storm? Or worse, what if your sump pump is working perfectly but a power failure causes it to stop working? 

Ask your Perma-Seal professional about battery operated backup sumps. Aside from acting as a backup to your main pump in case of failure, it will also serve well if ever a power failure occurs. Being battery-operated, you won’t have to worry when the lights go out.  

Benefits to Lake County Homeowners 

A backup sump pump gives homeowners peace of mind. Pure and simple. If your main pump fails, you’re covered until you can have your main pump repaired. If a power outage occurs rendering your main pump inoperable, you’ll be covered. Don’t waste precious time when your sump pump fails, call a Perma-Seal professional today and ask about backup sump pump systems.