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Snow Melting = Flooded Chicagoland Basements, Get Flood Prevention Tips

Warm temperatures in the area this week have caused snow to melt and basements to flood in the Chicagoland area. So, what can you do in your home to prevent a damaging basement flood?

Take a look at the before/after flood prevention tips from Roy Spencer of Perma-Seal to find out what you can do:

Before the Flood

1. Make sure that you remove snow that is built up around your foundation or siding.
2. Be sure that your sump pump discharge line isn’t frozen and it’s free of any ice build-up.
3. Make sure that the battery on your backup sump pump is charged and in good working order.
4. Make sure that your window well drains are clear so that water can be drained away effectively around your basement windows.
5. Even if you’ve never had problems with water in your basement before, check to make sure that there isn’t any moisture around the cove (where the wall and floor meet), in corners, on the wall, or around basement windows.
6. Make sure that important documents and photos are in watertight containers and try to keep them high up on a shelf or cabinet.
7. Move electronics – tvs, stereos, gaming devices, computers, phones – and furniture up into other areas of your home if possible.

After the Flood

1. Take pictures of any damage that you notice in your basement, including bowed walls, leaking basement windows, flooding, and so on.
2. Check the foundation to be sure there aren’t any loose blocks or stones.
3. Empty the basement with your sump pump.
4. Clean and disinfect the floor, walls, and your HVAC units if they are kept in this area of your home.

Damage From a Flooded Basement in Chicago

If your home has been damaged by a recent flood in Chicago, you need to contact Perma-Seal right away at 1-800-421-7325(SEAL). We have a team of trained, professional, and knowledgeable basement waterproofing and repair professionals who will be able to get your home back in good shape once again.

After all, it takes just a few inches of water to cause a lot of problems for your basement, and eventually for the rest of your home. Basement moisture can cause wooden support beams to rot, warp, and decay. Also, a basement flood can lead to the growth of mold or bacteria which could make your family really sick and negatively effect your indoor air quality.

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