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Prevent a Sewer Backup in Your Lombard Home and Save Thousands in Repair Fees

Lombard, a village in Illinois, has a population of about 43,000 and was named after Chicago banker and real estate developer, Josiah Lombard. It’s the home of the annual Lilac Festival and Parade every May. Lombard gives off an air of sweet-smelling success. But the sweet smells can be ruined by a backed up sewer if one is not careful. 

A backed up sewer can be a messy, and often times, smelly affair. It can be caused by a number of things, from debris blockage, busted pipes, or even roots of trees growing into pipes. No matter the reason, one must be extra vigilant in keeping their sewer pipes from backing up, to spare you the headache of basement floods.  

Solutions and Sewer Backup Prevention 

When you experience basement floods during rainstorms, and it comes up from the pipes, it’s likely you have a backed up sewer line. First things first, if this happens, do not touch or walk on the water. Turn off all power first to avoid electrocution.  

Though basement floods can be the result of a number of things, if the main cause is a backed up sewer, you can prevent this from occurring by having a double- or triple-valve system installed by a Perma-Seal professional. It will prevent floods from backed up sewers. Virtually undetectable, these systems ensure that no matter how hard the rain is pouring, your basement won’t get flooded by backed up sewer lines.  

Benefits to Lombard Homeowners 

A backed up sewer problem is messy and can be foul smelling. You don’t ever want to have that kind of problem in your home, so call a Perma-Seal professional today to help with that. You get peace of mind knowing that your basement, and home, is safe from foul floods brought about by backed up pipes.