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Foundation, Basement, and Crawl Space Solutions in Hometown

For over 45 years, Perma-Seal has been the choice for home and business owners in Hometown. Our team knows that a dry and stable home is important for a healthy home, our team has years of experience and stands ready to tackle any challenge, from leaky basements to foundation cracks, ensuring your home stays safe and dry.

Why Perma-Seal?

Homeowners in Hometown have put their trust in our expertise for decades. As a seasoned player in the area, we understand the complex challenges that homes in Hometown face. We use this localized knowledge to craft specialized solutions, ensuring that any problems are addressed with the correct method.

Expert Foundation, Basement, and Crawl Space Services in Hometown

If you have noticed basement seepage, noticed cracks in your foundation, or crawl space water seepage, these could be signs of problems. Urgent consultation with a experienced repair company like Perma-Seal is crucial. Ongoing issues can lead to other complications such as mold growth, structural vulnerabilities, and permanent foundation damage.

Basment Waterproofing Systems

The basement, whether used to store valuables or as a living room, should be free from leaks and water seepage. Waterproofing probles can occur in several ways:

  • Foundation wall cracks which occur in block and concrete foundations.

  • Cove joint seepage.

  • Basement window well leaks.

Our experienced experts in Hometown employ trusted solutions to address these issues. From repairs for wall cracks to comprehensive basement drainage solutions, we guarantee water stays out of your space. Furthermore, with our sump pump installations, your basement receives an extra layer of defense against sudden basement water leaks.

Basement Sump Pump and Battery Backup Sump Pump
Block Wall Leaky Foundation Crack

Professional Foundation Repair Services

Your foundation doesn’t just support your home—it’s crucial for its overall health. Symptoms of foundational issues encompass:

• Zigzagging cracks on outside brickwork.

• Cracks on basement walls or the foundation directly.

• Hard to open doors or windows.

• Basement walls that appear to be bowing inward.

These indicators should never be ignored. Our team in Hometown offers a range of services, from foundation settlement repair to installing wall anchors for bowed foundation walls, ensuring your foundation remains strong and stable.

Crawl Space Solutions

Many homes in Hometown and the neighboring regions have crawl spaces instead of basements. Traditionally, these spaces were vented to maintain dryness. Yet, vents can permit moisture to build up, promoting mold growth and affecting air quality. Perma-Seal’s crawl space encapsulation system makes sure your crawl space remains closed off and dry, improving your home’s air quality.

Signs to be alert for:

Flooded Crawl Space
Uneven Concrete Driveway Leveling

Expert Concrete Lifting and Leveling Services

Uneven or sunken concrete surfaces not only detract from the aesthetic of your property but also pose likely trip hazards. Such anomalies can happen due to several reasons:

  • Erosion of soil from excessive rainwater or insufficient drainage.
  • Failure to compact, often seen in soil-filled areas post-construction.
  • Natural soil settling over time.

In Hometown, our Perma-Seal specialists utilize state-of-the-art concrete leveling techniques. We adjust uneven slabs, guaranteeing a flat and even surface. By selecting concrete leveling rather than replacement, you save time, money, and receive an instant solution for those hazardous uneven paths, patios, or driveways.

Our Other Services for Hometown Homeowners

Egress Window Installation for Basements: Improve air circulation and natural light.
Crawl Space and Basement Insulation: Moisture-resistant and mold-preventing solutions for your basement walls.
Waterproofing for New Construction: Forward-thinking solutions for new homes.
Preventive Maintenance: Maintain the longevity and efficiency of current waterproofing systems, even if they’re from other companies.
Sewer Backup Prevention Systems: We provide a specific sewer backup system designed to be installed straight into your house’s plumbing system.

Reach Out to Perma-Seal in Hometown

If your home in Hometown requires any of basement or foundation services or if you have questions about our offerings, feel free to get in touch with us. Complete our online form, check out our FAQs, or call our experts at 630-206-1177 to get a free estimate on basement waterproofing or foundation repair.

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