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Should I Seal My Crawl Space?

If you have not considered sealing your crawl space, you should consider it! There are many reasons why a clean, sealed crawl space will be better for your home and family.

Dirt Floors

In the Midwest, water vapor streams from the soil year round. If your crawl space has a dirt floor, the vapor has nowhere to go except to collect on the foundation walls and sub floor. If any of the vapor does escape, it is through the upper levels of the house since air moves up through the house from bottom to top. With nothing but empty space between the ground and your lowest level, you are subject to moisture, soil gases, and whatever else is released into the crawl space area. Because of the vapor from the soil, your crawl space becomes a damp environment. Insulation will become saturated and fall, wood posts and sub floors will become effected and there will be rampant mold growth. Water and mold are two things that destroy your crawl space and foundation.

The bare ground also welcomes insects and other critters to inhabit your crawl space. Even if they don’t make their way upstairs, they still create a very unhealthy environment for your family. Crawl spaces with dirt floors do not have to be flooded to be unhealthy. What a lot of people don’t realize is that what is in their crawl space is making them sick.

Concrete Floors

Choosing to pour concrete in your crawl space is a poor choice. The idea is to dry out the crawl space for a better environment in your crawl space and throughout your home. By pouring concrete, hundreds of gallons of moisture are released into the crawl space. It also creates concrete dust that could be harmful to your health. After the concrete has dried, it does not effectively eliminate the moisture from entering the home. Concrete is porous, and it soaks up the moisture from the soil. Concrete will eventually crack, and you will be in the same situation as before.

Perma-Seal’s Seven-Step Process

Perma-Seal has provided crawl space solutions to Chicago area homeowners for years. We have the process down. When you are ready to seal and improve the quality of your home and crawl space environment, you only want the best crawl space contractor in Chicago. Thousands of Perma-Seal customers have turned their damp, musty crawl space into a dry, healthy crawl space. It’s all a part of our Seven-Step Process.

Drainage System Installation

Our 4″ perforated ABS drain tile systems and sump pump with battery backup will ensure that your crawl space remains dry.

Crawl Space Preparation

After you remove your belongings from the crawl space, we will remove organic debris and establish a rough grade by raking the surface of your crawl space floor.

Soil Gas Dispersing Drain Fabric Installation

Our soil gas dispersing drain fabric is laid on the bare ground. It’s 100% polypropylene, so it won’t rot or decay. It serves to disperse soil gases beneath the floor liner, enhance water drainage beneath the floor liner and protect the liner.

Soil Gas Ventilation Pipe Installation

A soil gas ventilation pipe is installed to run from under the liner to the outside of the crawl space / foundation wall. It prevents soil gases from building up pressure under the floor liner by harmlessly venting them to the outside.

Perma-Seal Zero Perm Wall Liner Installation

The Perma-Seal Zero Perm Wall Liner creates a clean, dry and durable storage area inside of your crawl space. This liner covers your crawl space / foundation walls and the entire floor of your crawl space to create a healthy environment. At 60 mil thick, it’s 100% waterproof, seals out water vapor and soil gases, and will not support mold growth.

Ceiling Heat Shield Installation

Our ceiling heat shield is installed to reflect radiant heat and keep the upper level floors warm. It also helps to reduce energy costs.

SaniDry Basement Air System

For crawl spaces that experience high levels of relative humidity, the SaniDry CX is the perfect dehumidifier. It will help to keep the air clean, and take out dust particles.

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