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Sewer Backup Prevention in Naperville, IL

A suburban city in DuPage, Illinois, Naperville is part of Chicago and was once voted as the second-best place to live in the US by Money magazine. To help continue its high standard of living, residents would do well to protect their basements (and homes) from sewer backup  Sewer backup occurs when sewer pipes get blocked either from debris, roots growing in them, or if it’s damaged, forcing water to go “back up” the pipes instead of draining away to the sewers. This can cause flooding in many basements, which we all know is not a good thing.  

If there’s water in your basement due to a sewer back up, never touch or stand in the water, and be sure to turn off the power to avoid electrocution. But of course you don’t want to have to deal with a backed up sewer and its resulting damage, so what to do? 

As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure. 

Solutions to Prevent a Backed Up Sewer 

If you don’t want to risk your home and your family’s health and safety from sewer backups, it’s best to call a Perma-Seal professional right away. What a professional can do is install a sewer backup prevention system. This is a double- or triple-valve system that can provide protection from a backed up sewer.  

Benefits to Naperville Homeowners 

The benefits of sewer backup prevention system far outweigh the costs of having preventative maintenance done. It will help protect your home and your family from flooded basements that can cause serious structural and health issues. In the long run, you will be saving money from future damage, and it will give you peace of mind.