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Lombard, IL Sewer Backup

Home of the annual Lilac Festival, Lombard in DuPage County, Illinois is a village with a population of 43,395. But sometimes, even a sweet smelling festival can’t prevent messy problems from arising in residents’ homes – problems such as a backed up sewer.  

When you basement gets wet, you might blame it on the rain or the melting snow, which is normal. But then the basement gets flooded in the middle of a hot day, what then? If your basement floods suddenly without the help of precipitation, maybe your sewer is backed up, causing the flood.  

A backed up sewer happens when your drain pipes become clogged with debris. This causes water to escape, not through its regular route, but through where it came. But clogged pipes due to debris are not the only reason. Sometimes tree roots play a part when it starts to grow into pipes, causing blockage, or if the pipes collapse or get broken due to age.  

Solutions to Sewer Backups 

There is only one way to solve a backed up sewer problem, and that’s to call in a professional. Perma-Seal professionals can come help you solve your backed up sewer problem by determining the cause and addressing it.  

If need be, Perma-Seal professionals can replace damaged pipes, unclog blocked drains, and even dig out the roots that are causing the blockage.  

Benefits to Lombard Homeowners 

A sewer free from blockage means a sewer that’s free flowing. You don’t have to deal with messy floods in the middle of summer, and you won’t have to worry about the issues that may arise from a flooded basement.  

Call a Perma-Seal professional today and find out how they can help clear your sewer pipes.