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Schaumburg Basements Walls – Repairing Cracks and Leaks

A large city in Illinois, Schaumberg is a suburb of Chicago and is home to the world headquarters of Motorola Solutions. The city also is home to the 11th largest mall in the US, Woodfield Mall, and the Renaissance Schaumberg Hotel & Convention Center.

Sharing the same climate as Chicago, also known as the ‘Windy City,’ Schaumberg has cold winters, hot and humid summers, and thunderstorms are common during spring and summer. These changes tend to make basement walls contract and expand, thus causing cracks. These cracks in turn, result in leaks that keep your basement from being completely dry.

When repairing a leak, you should first find the source. You might have to take down the drywall or paneling to find the leak, though. Once found, you can apply the sealant, or if you prefer, hydraulic cement. However, these are just stopgap measures until you can call in a professional to completely stop the leak.

Even if a crack and leak seems minor, you should always call a professional to properly assess and repair the damage. Even if you stop water from seeping into your basement, it might be that water is trapped or pooling within your walls thus further weakening your foundation.

One of the best basement waterproofing contractors in the area is Perma-Seal, so calling them is the safest bet you could make when it comes to wet basements.

Keep your basement dry, your home safe, and your family healthy. Call Perma-Seal immediately once leaks and water start to come in your basement.