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Aurora Homeowners – Remove Basement Rain Water

The second most populous city in Illinois, Aurora has evolved in the last 50 years from being a mid-sized manufacturing city, becoming one of the fastest growing cities in the US in the past decade. Nicknamed the ‘City of Lights’ due to it being one of the first cities to employ all-electric lighting systems back in 1881, Aurora is also home to many architectural landmarks that include structures by Frank Lloyd Wright and Bruce Goff.

Despite its evolution and cultural significance, many Aurora residents still suffer from something that plague millions everywhere – basement rain water. Caused by damaged gutters, faulty slope design, and cracks in walls, rainwater gravitates toward basements naturally, due to it being the lowest part of our homes.

Aside from the headaches caused by flooded basements, rainwater in basements can also damage electronics, cause rot in wooden posts and furniture, breed mold, and can weaken a home’s foundation. These alone should prompt homeowners to remove basement rainwater as soon as possible.

If you suffer from flooded basements, call a Perma-Seal professional to make sure that it is handled correctly. A Perma-Seal professional will not only remove the rainwater, but he or she can ensure that rain water won’t be able to reach your basement ever again by waterproofing it and repairing everything that needs repairing.

Having a rain water-free basement is more than just staying dry. It also means keeping your home and family safe and healthy.

If you are plagued by rain water in the basement every time the weather turns wet, call a Perma-Seal professional and find out how to keep your basement dry all year round.