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Put a Stop to Basement Leaks in Your Aurora Home

The second most populous city in Illinois, Aurora has been listed as one of the fastest growing cities in the US in the last decade and is also known as the ‘City of Lights.’ With all the lights and fast moving pace the city offers, it’s easy to forget some of the things that lie below our feet – our basement.

Weather may be a strong contributor to basement leaks, but sometimes neglect can play a huge part as well. Damaged pipes and rain gutters, cracks in the walls and floors, broken egress window seals, etc.

If you find your basement leaking on rainy days and even on the driest of days, maybe it’s time to look down and see what’s wrong. Granted, you might not recognize the problem (or problems) immediately, but at least you’ll get an idea what you’re facing.

The best way to deal with a leaky basement, however, is to call a Perma-Seal professional. Being pros, they can check your basement to pinpoint the cause of the leaks, and do the appropriate repairs. Pipes can be replaced, gutters fixed, seals repaired, and more.

A leaky basement can cause bigger problems if left unattended, such as damaged electronics and appliances, weakening of your home’s foundation, rot in wooden posts, and the growth of mildew and mold, which can become health risks. Prevention is key, so make sure these issues don’t have a chance to manifest by keeping your basement leak-free.

The benefits of a leak-free basement include not having to worry about your homes’ structural integrity and your family’s health, but perhaps the most rewarding benefit is that you get peace of mind.

To ensure your basement leaks are fixed and repaired, call a Perma-Seal professional today.