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Protect Your Lombard, IL Home Against the Dangers of Basement Seepage

A village in DuPage County, Lombard is a suburb of Chicago that’s known for its annual Lilac Festival – a 16-day festival that includes lilac-themed events, concerts, fairs, and more.   For such a fragrant celebration, it’s nice to think that Lombard is always full of flowery cheer. However, residents have to cope with common house problems, much like everyone else – problems such as basement seepage.  

Basement seepage occurs when water starts to come into your basement through various passages. It can be from the cracks in your walls or floors, from damaged gutters, or from a rising water table. It can also be caused by the land your house is on not sloping away from the foundation. The causes are numerous, but the results are the same, basements have a tendency to experience seepage, and it’s up to you to prevent it.  

Why should you prevent basement seepage? So you won’t have to deal with flooded basements, deterioration of your home’s foundation, damage to electronics and appliances due to moisture or humidity, and health issues brought about by mold, mildew and bacteria.  

It’s best to call Perma-Seal for help.  A Perma-Seal professional can pinpoint the exact cause of your basement seepage and address it properly. He or she can waterproof your basement and ensure that seepage won’t occur again. 

A basement that’s protected from seepage will not only give you a dry basement, but will also give you peace of mind. You won’t have to stress or worry about having your stuff damaged, your foundations weakened, or your family’s health at risk.   Stop basement seepage, call a Perma-Seal professional today and keep your home and family safe and dry.