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Basement Sealants to Protect Against Flooding in Hinsdale, IL

Hinsdale is a village in Illinois known for its beautiful residences. Part of the Chicago metropolitan area, Hinsdale has a rolling, wooded topography and is in the 1% of wealthiest towns in Illinois.  

However, despite the wealth and beautiful homes, underground – basements in particular – things can get nasty. A home’s basement is probably one of the more overlooked rooms in a home, and as such, is prone to neglect. Cracks are left alone, small puddles may be left to dry on their own, and, unless the basement has been converted into something more than a basement, any mold, mildew or fungi that grows is left undetected, as well.  

But this neglect has repercussions, namely, it can cause structural issues with the foundation and can cause serious health risks.  When basements start to get moisture issues, whether it’s the dry or wet season, one of the main causes of this is due to broken seals. Water may get into the basement through the windows or through cracks in the walls and floors. These are small things really, but they have the potential to cause great damage if left unchecked.  

If you have moisture issues in your basement and feel it might come from cracks, it’s time to seal them up with basement sealants. Call a Perma-Seal professional today to ask about the available sealants. Whether your moisture issues are due to a leaky window, damaged pipes, or cracks, there’s a sealant for it.  

And if you are not the handyman-type, you can also ask a Perma-Seal professional to apply the sealant for you. A professional on hand can ensure that the sealants are applied properly and won’t cause more damage. Also, if a professional assesses the situation, he or she can make sure that all other issues you might have are also taken care of.
 Keep your Hinsdale home safe, beautiful, and dry. Call a Perma-Seal professional today.