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Lombard Wet Basements

A suburb of Chicago, Illinois, Lombard is a village with a population of about 45,500. Known for its annual Lilac Festival every May, where lilac-themed events take place such as concerts, brunches, fairs, and tours.

As a suburb of Chicago, many aspects of the Windy City influence Lombard, both good and bad. For homeowners, this means wet basements given the type of weather in the area – hot summers, cold winters, and thunderstorms being quite common in spring and summer.

If you are one of those homeowners who suffer with wet basements, it should be pointed out that instead of just waiting for the water to subside, one must be proactive in trying to remove the excess moisture. Why? Because a wet basement can cause many problems, including damaged electronics, weakened foundations, and health risks brought about by mold.

To prevent these and other problems from manifesting, it’s important to have your basement waterproofed properly by professionals. Perma-Seal can help you keep your basement dry as well as ensure you that it stays dry in the long run.

A dry basement not only gives you a healthier and safer home, it also increases its value by giving you extra space to convert into a bedroom or living space. With the cost of space getting high nowadays, we need every bit of room we can get.

So call Perma-Seal today and make sure your family and home are safe and healthy always.