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Dealing With Highland Park Basement Seepage

A suburban municipality in Lake County, Illinois, Highland Park is known for having several landmark structures by prominent architects, including Frank Lloyd Wright. It is also home to the Ravinia Festival, hosting classical, pop, and jazz concerts in summer.

But having a climate that brings hot summers, cold winters and thunderstorms in spring and summer, many Highland Park homes have to deal with basement seepage which causes dampness and, sometimes, floods.

A wet basement may not seem like much, but if left un-treated, it can cause more serious issues such as rot in wooden posts, weakening of the foundation, and health risks brought about by mold.

It goes without saying that when your home experiences basement seepage, you should deal with it promptly. While not many are well-versed in DIY basement work, the best option really is to call in a professional. Professionals such as those from Perma-Seal.

Perma-Seal can get rid of your basement seepage problems, and keep it dry all year round, saving you and your home from future moisture issues.