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Importance of Arlington Heights Basement Rain Water Removal

Down in Cook County, in the state of Illinois, lies the village of Arlington Heights. One of the more populated communities in the US, Arlington Heights is more popularly known as the site of Arlington Park Race Track, home of the Arlington Million, which is a qualifying event for the Breeder’s Cup.

Having an annual precipitation of about 38.25 inches, Arlington Heights has its fair share of wet days. While pleasant at times, sometimes this can cause rain water build up in basements, which can cause damage to electronics, rot wooden posts, weaken the foundation, and cause health risks because of mold growth

If your home becomes inundated with rain water more times than you care to remember, maybe it’s time to call in a professional. Perma-Seal is one of the finest contractors in the area that can help with basement rain water removal.

Aside from removing rain water, Perma-Seal can also fix your basement to prevent future flooding from occurring. Whether you need a sump pump, crack sealing, a vapor barrier, new drains, or repair work for pipes and gutters, whatever it is that’s causing the floods will surely be fixed by Perma-Seal.

A dry basement is something every homeowner should aspire to have, not just because handling floods is a chore and headache, but by keeping your basement dry you make sure your family and home is safe all year round.

Call Perma-Seal and ask about the best way to remove rain water from the basement and how to keep it dry always!