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How To Choose the Best Basement Waterproofer

There are many Chicagoland basement waterproofing companies, and it is is difficult to know who is the best choice. When your basement is flooded, it is easy to call the first contractor that you find in the phone book. You might be in a desperate situation, but don’t make a decision in a state of panic. This is the number one way to find yourself in this situation again, and in turn, hiring another company to do it right. Take your time and make the right, informed decision on the first time.

Request an estimate

Your first call is not to hire a waterproofing company, but to request an estimate. An estimate is not an agreement to hire the contractor, and it is not a price quote over the phone. Even though there have been many before you that have had leaky basements, your basement and your situation is very unique to you. An estimator will come to your house and assess the situation, determine from where the water is entering the basement and determine which products will fit your needs. If a contractor offers a “one-size-fits-all” price quote, quickly move on to the next and disregard the quote.

Request credentials

The last thing that you need is more problems. When a work crew enters your home, you want to know that they are qualified to work with your basement and foundation and that they are knowledgeable about proper waterproofing methods. The crew members must have gone through proper training, and the company must be licensed, insured and bonded. Request these important credentials before going any further with a waterproofing contractor.

Request references

Requesting references can be one of the most important steps to choosing the best basement waterproofer. Any company can sing their own accolades, but a customer’s experience will be a more accurate picture of what it is like working with that company. Look at references from several customers. Two positive references out of 100 negative references might not make that company a good decision. You should be able to see many different references or testimonials by looking at the company’s website, requesting them from the company, and even on local listing websites like Google, Yahoo or Yelp. When reading a review, the important things are honesty, reliability, customer service and, of course, whether or not the customer had a dry basement after the basement waterproofing services were performed.

Best value for the money

Waterproofing your basement is a good investment because you are protecting your home and your health. That’s why it is important not to make your decision based upon money. Hopefully, the best basement waterproofing company that you contact will also be the least expensive, but it doesn’t always work that way. Instead of allowing price to be the sole deciding factor, look at value instead. Company A might offer a good service, but Company B offers a little bit more (better warranty, extra protection, more permanent solution, etc.) for $1,000 more, while Company C offers more than you need for $2,000 more. Company B is a better value; they are not the least or most expensive, but they offer everything that you need—a great value.

Perma-Seal has been one of the best Chicagoland waterproofers since 1979. We have helped over 250,000 homeowners and we have thousands of references and thrilled customers. Our satisfactory rating with our customers has earned for us an A+ rating with the Chicagoland Better Business Bureau (BBB). Check out some of our basement waterproofing testimonials.

Quote from our Testimonials Page:

Al P.   – Chicago, IL 60618

“After having 2 major basement floods and a few minor ones over the years, I decided to give Perma-Seal a call. A rep came out a few days later and assessed my situation and gave me an estimate on the spot, very professional and ‘no pressure. He did inform us, though, that they were so busy they wouldn’t be able to install the system for several weeks! I kept my fingers crossed during the weeks prior to the install that we wouldn’t have anymore flooding rains. The crew came out and was finished the next afternoon. I’m writing this on July 24, 2010, after over 7 inches of rain fell on Chicago in less than 12 hours. I’m very pleased to say that my basement remained bone dry, so dry that my dehumidifier didn’t even turn on. Needless to say I’m overjoyed with the Perma-Seal system in my basement. THANK YOU, PERMA-SEAL!”

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