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Fix Your Sinking Home in Highland Park Before it Settles Any Further

Founded in 1869, Highland Park started with a population of 500 before growing to 29,763 today. A suburban municipality of Lake County, Illinois, Highland Park was used as the location for the popular John Hughes film, Ferris Bueller”s Day Off, among many other movies.  

Part of the Chicago metropolitan area, the municipality shares the same weather Chicago has – cold winters, hot summer, thunderstorms in spring and summer. Since Chicago’s soil is mostly made of clay, the weather can sometimes wreak havoc on the ground, causing foundation settlement.  

When a foundation settles, the home gradually sinks. If it settles fast, the home sinks faster. This is a problem since homes are meant to settle over a long period of time. You might have a quick settling home if you notice cracks beginning to appear on the walls, and if you hear creaking sounds at night.

Solutions to Foundation Settlement 

If you suspect your home is settling faster than usual, call a Perma-Seal professional right away. A professional can determine the source and cause of the rapid settling and address it properly. It may be caused by improper backfill, a change in soil density, or even moisture problems that weaken your foundation. At any rate, Perma-Seal professionals can pinpoint the cause, make some repairs, and ensure your home settles at a normal pace, or not at all.  

Benefits to Highland Park Homeowners 

A rapidly settling home can destroy itself. Cracks can get bigger, walls can bend to the point of breaking, and the foundation may crumble underneath the weight of it all. By ensuring that the foundation is sturdy, a Perma-Seal professional can ensure that the home won’t settle quicker than usual. This means you don’t have to worry whenever you hear a creak (if ever you hear a creak), and you don’t have to think about losing your house and endangering your family.  

Make sure your home’s foundation is structurally sound, call a Perma-Seal professional today.