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Why You Need to Fix Your Damp Lombard Basement

A village in DuPage County, Illinois, Lombard is a suburb of Chicago and has a population of about 43,000. The village is best known for its annual Lilac Festival, which happens in May, and is a 16-day event that includes lilac-themed events, such as concerts, fairs, and more.

While lilacs grow above ground, however, a different kind of species grows below, specifically in basements. Mold is rarely detected in its early stages, given its penchant for flourishing in dark and humid places, but once it has thoroughly infested a basement, an unmistakable musty smell will announce its presence.

Aside from mold, a damp basement can also cause many moisture-related issues in the home including damage to electronics, wood rot, and the weakening of the foundation. It goes without saying then, that when it comes to damp basements, professional help should be called upon immediately.

If you find your basement to be more damp than dry, no matter what the season is, it is best to call a Perma-Seal professional immediately. A professional can do mold remediation, locate the sources of dampness, fix and repair leaks, cracks in walls and floors, and install drains, sump pumps and other basement waterproofing systems.

A dry basement does not only free you from the health risks that mold can bring, but it can also bring you peace of mind in knowing that your house is safe from moisture-related damage.

To ensure a dry, safe, and healthy home for you and your family, call a Perma-Seal professional today!