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Use Wheaton Basement Sealants to Fix Leaks Through Cracks

An affluent Illinois City, Wheaton was listed as one of the top 25 highest earning towns in the US. It is about 25 miles west of Chicago and Lake Michigan and has grown rapidly since the 1950s.

However, many Wheaton residents experience a common problem due in large part to the area’s climate – wet basements. When weather changes from hot and humid summers to cold winters, things expand and contract, such as basement walls. This can cause it to crack, which makes your basement prone to leaks from the thunderstorms common during summer and spring, as well as melting snow.

A wet basement is nothing to scoff at. It can cause damage to electronics, rot wooden posts and furniture, weaken your home’s foundations, and cause health risks due to mold growth.

If your basement walls and cracks are a source of leaks, you’ll need proper basement sealants to fix it. Perma-Seal is one of the finest basement waterproofing contractors in the area, and even if you don’t need professional help to fix your cracks, you can contact them to give you advice on the best way to seal it. Perma-Seal can also give options on which basement sealants to use, according to severity or budget.

The best thing about getting your basement sealants from Perma-Seal is that they can help you assess your basement to ensure that nothing behind the walls are helping cause the leaks. If it’s just the cracks, well and good. But if pipes behind it are damaged, Perma-Seal can help you locate and repair these problems, as well.

If things don’t go your way, Perma-Seal will gladly assist you in helping seal the cracks in your basement walls to ensure proper repairs that will last a long time.

No matter what basement job you need, from basement sealants to foundation repair, Perma-Seal can help ensure that your basement is safe and dry. And we all know that a dry basement gives us peace of mind, so call Perma-Seal today and stop basement leaks permanently!