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Seal Your Wet Basement in Arlington Heights, IL

A suburb of Cook County, Illinois, Arlington Heights is known for the Arlington Park Race Track, and is home of the Arlington Million which is a Breeder’s Cup qualifying event. The area gets about 38.25 inches of precipitation a year and many residents experience some moisture issues in their basement.  

A basement that is prone to moisture is susceptible to a lot of problems. Your personal belongings stored here and HVAC systems can get damaged, the home’s foundation can deteriorate, wooden posts can rot, and mildew, fungi, and mold can flourish causing many health hazards.  

If you smell something musty in your home, most likely it’s coming from the basement as a wet basement can emit an unpleasant smell. 

Solutions to Basement Moisture Issues 

If you find yourself being one of the many homeowners who suffer from moisture problems in the basement, you need to have it sealed properly. From window seals to door seals, sealing of wall cracks and floor fissures, you can protect your home and health by making sure your basement is sealed to keep water away.  

Call a Perma-Seal professional to make sure your basement is sealed completely, and they can also fix and repair everything else that needs to be taken care of to keep your basement dry. From extending your rain gutters, to installing new posts that need replacing, and fixing pipes that might contribute to your water issues.  

Benefits to Arlington Heights Homeowners 

A dry basement means no more rotting wood, no more damaged belongings and appliances, no more mold, fungi, and mildew, no more musty smells, and most importantly, no more stress and headaches for you, the homeowner.  

Keep your basement dry. Seal it right. Keep your home and family safe. Call a Perma-Seal professional today.